At your service since 1984

The company Les Ferrailleurs du Québec Inc. was founded in the fall of 1984

At first, Les Ferrailleurs du Québec Inc. was located in the Duberger industrial park. In 1987, the company moved to a new factory in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, suburb of Quebec City where it continues operating to this day.

Since its inception, LFDQ has participated in major projects that have left their mark on the province of Quebec, the Quebec City Convention Centre, the Lauralco aluminum smelter in Deschambault, the Molson Center in Montréal, the production of steel for the Confederation Bridge and the Alcan aluminum smelter in Alma.

In 2009, we carried out a project for Hydro-Manitoba involving more than 6500 tons of rebars for a dam in Manitoba. Planning, production and deliveries were a big challenge for LFDQ considering the distance between the factory and the worksite.

In the last few years, our infrastructure has doubled in size, making room for a cutting line and allowing us to expand our technical team.

In 2010, LFDQ began the construction of wind farms. More than 200 platforms were erected with over 6000 tons of rebars.

In 2011, LFDQ improved its expertise in fitting-up for the new bridge between Cap-aux-Meules and Havre-aux-Maisons.

In 2013, the company participated in the installation of a bridge for the extension of Highway 73 in the Beauce region with pilings over 150 feet high presenting big challenges.

The company has risen to technical, production and installation challenges through all these projects.