Philippe Trépanier Inc. is a family business founded in 1957 by Mr. Philippe Trépanier.

After gaining good experience in reinforcing steel installation, the company decided in 1965 to purchase equipment and raw material thereby increasing its operations by transforming the steel.

In the 60s, among other projects, Philippe Trépanier Inc. carried out the work on Jonquière College. At that time, this was a challenging project for the company.

Philippe Trépanier Inc. quickly became a leader in the field in Saguenay- Lac- St-Jean.

After the death of the founder, Mr. Trépanier in 1976, his wife and later his sons, Laurent and Alain took over to extend their activities in Abitibi, on the Côte Nord and James Bay.

During the 80s, the company worked on the QNO paper mill in Baie-Comeau, at the Becancour and Grande-Anse piers as well as the Alcan plant in Laterrière.

The 90s were marked by the projects of the Arnaud Bridge pumping station, the Alcan aluminum smelter in Jonquière, the Abitibi-Consolidated wastewater treatment plant in Jonquière and all the work made necessary by the 1996 flood. In 1997, Mr. Laurent Trépanier became the sole shareholder of the company.

The mega project of the century in Saguenay Lac St-Jean is undoubtedly the construction of the Alcan plant in Alma. The company’s contribution to this project was about two thirds of all reinforcing steel work.

Construction of the Peribonka River hydroelectric plant in 2004 brought several major contracts to the company until 2008.

In 2007 a special evening was organized for the 50th anniversary of the company. All the employees, customers and suppliers of the company since its inception were invited.

2009 saw the company collaborating in the construction of the Carbonneau Bridge in St-Felicien. This contract allowed the company to develop specific prefabrication methods for rebars used in pilings of more than 3 meters in diameter.

In 2010, the company was awarded the contract for the reinforcing steel required by Phase 1 of the Consolidated Thompson iron mine in Fermont.

In 2011, the company participated in the expansion project of the ArcelorMittal iron mine at Mont Wright. Our expertise was put to use for the construction of two silos in continuous casting (Slip form).

We expanded our infrastructure in 2012, doubling our processing areas and making it possible to acquire a computerized cutting line. In this way, we improved our productivity and customer service.

The next generation is gradually taking over. Sabrina and Veronique both work at the company and participate in its development, securing the longevity of the company founded by their grandfather in 1957.